Shark Attack 3

"Imagine how bad the special effects in Shark Attack 2 must be, and how good they will be in Shark Attack 4."



Fantastiskt! Jag trodde att det var ett skämtklipp först, men tydligen icke.


Var kan man hitta den här filmen???
Och man frågar sig, hur bra måste inte 1an och 2an ha varit?


Jag kunde inte riktigt släppa denna lysande film.
Var tvungen att kolla upp den på imdb, där den fått 2.7 av 10 i betyg.

Läste en riktigt bra user comment:
I can say in all seriousness that this film is the funniest I have ever had the good fortune to watch. The fact that the humor is unintentional only makes it that much better (unless this is all a joke and it really is supposed to be this bad). In any case, anyone who feels like their life is going poorly, just remember: not once, at any point in your life have you ever produced anything half as bad as this movie. Everything about this movie, from the script to the acting and, especially, to the special effects, is literally laugh-out-loud funny. I strongly strongly recommend Shark Attack 3: Megalodon to anyone who hasn't revelled in its B-movie glory.